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White Rose Cars

White Rose Cars is classified as Private Hire. This means we quote a price and you will know exactly what it will cost before you book the trip, not after you arrive – which can be the case with other service providers. We have to be booked in advance, but this does mean we are very punctual and reliable. Booked in advance can be a few minutes notice, so if we can fit you in at short notice we will.

My company is ACC approved and we carry ACC claimants to medical appointments, work etc. at no cost to the claimant. The vendor number to quote to your Case Manager if you would like to use our service is VAD838 - White Rose Cars.

I do hope you will consider using White Rose Cars for your transport needs and that we can continue expanding the service to the people of Franklin and surrounding districts.

Thank you,
John Hartley

White Rose Cars

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